Here you can find a list of all the Services* offered at NuReveal® Yoga and can request more information anytime by contacting us.

Group Chair Yoga

  • Luna teaches a number of Chair Yoga classes each week
  • Perfect if you have a hard time doing yoga or think you done have what it takes
  • Learn modified poses to best suit your ability

Group Chair Fitness

  • Luna teaches a number of Chair Fitness classes each week
  • A great way to get the blood flowing in the morning
  • keep your energy up without too much strenuous activity

Couples Yoga¹

Experience bliss and a stronger connection with your spouse or partner

Build a healthier relationship with your spouse or partner

Take time together to feel the sense of being

Personal Training

  • Luna will use her skills as a NASM Personal Trainer to help you achieve your goals
  • Luna offers personal training Customized for your fitness goals.
  • Free Personal Training Assessment
  • You can request both Nude or Clothed

Chakra Re-Alignment/Spiritual Cleansing

  • Find out what Chakras are blocked and work towards unblocking them
  • One on one meditations with or with out Chakra singing bowls
  • Learn some Chakra exercises and/or yoga poses to keep working on unblocking your Chakras

Life Coaching

  • Something troubling you?
  • Need assistance organizing your life, mind or spirit?
  • Luna will assist you through life situations

Wedding Officiant²

  • Out-of-the-box
  • Gender Neutral
  • Christian or Spiritual
  • Can fit and respect all needs

*due to COVID Restrictions all Services are currently offered on-line except for a few exceptions which will be mentioned in the Offerings

¹ Couples Yoga will be offered both on-line and in person at the clients place of residence as long as they have been Vaccinated for COVID

² Mask will currently be worn by Officiant