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Owner of and the Main Certified Instructor at NuReveal® Yoga. I teach co-ed nude yoga. I began teaching and experimenting with my techniques for NuReveal® Yoga in January 2012. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, the National Association of Sports Medicine, and hold a 1st Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I continuously study new techniques, anatomy, philosophies, and other fitness topics that would assist the practice and your experience.

Although I started teaching in 2012, that was not my first experience with yoga. I had been practicing yoga on and off for years since I was young in between my martial arts studies. I began my regular yoga practice in 2000 primarily for back relief and fitness. My yoga practice deepened once I started Yoga Teacher Training Classes. I found it to deepen my faith, decrease my stress, assist me with my fitness goals, understand the human body, its functions and the relationship of stress in the human body, etc…

Teaching Nude Yoga was my husband’s idea. My husband and business partner, Kato, is a nudist and wanted to know if I would consider teaching yoga and/or fitness in the nude. After much thought, I agreed. As long as the nudity enhanced the experience and not just added a sense of sexuality to the mix.

He thought it would help me get to know my body better and heal my relationship with my body after a sexual assault. It really did bring me closer to the Divine and provide me with a healthier view of my body. I no longer wanted to peel my skin and discard it as tainted. It was cleaned and made anew with the process. We wish to share the experience with you. Come along with or without your clothes and learn how to communicate with your body better in a more loving manner.

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Click on the link if you are looking for affordable liability insurance:

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